Natural Diversity Infomation Source

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Updated: April 4, 2014

For a decade, The Natural Diversity Information Source (NDIS) website provided mapping, data, information, and links to similar websites concerning hunting, fishing, wildlife, habitat, and conservation planning issues in Colorado.  The NDIS website was designed to provide these services for multiple audiences with differing needs and levels of subject expertise.

Today, much of the information orginally included on the NDIS site is now available on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Interactive Mapping

New technology has allowed us to improve our mapping services for hunters and anglers:

The MapIt! application will no longer be available due to redundant services and outdated software that is no longer supported.

Parks and Wildlife Downloadable Data

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife GIS Unit is now distributing spatial data via This includes species data, administrative boundaries, and riparian data. provides an interface that will allow users new and better search options as well as metadata viewing. We believe our data will be accessible to a larger audience and conversely, our users will have access to many additional datasets of interest. Finally, we hope this move will streamline our internal process for posting.

You can find us on by searching 'GROUPS' for 'Colorado Parks and Wildlife' or by following this link, Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Data will continue being distributed as zipped shapefiles or in some cases geodatabases. If you have any questions or comments about this changes, please feel free to write

**NOTE** To ensure you are viewing all GIS data and maps available make sure to change the option ‘Show: Web Content Only’ to ‘Show: All Content’ in the right side of the page header.

Non-CPW Data

Rather than republishing data from other sources, we now recommend you get your data where we get ours:

Wildlife Species profiles

We will be supporting the NDIS wildlife species pages until June 30, 2014; after which time this information will be available on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. Please make any changes required to your links to our site soon!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email Chris Johnson at: chris dot johnson at state dot co dot us.